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Our Employees

Gusto Distributing Phone List      
Gusto   727-2618 P.O. Box 3407 Great Falls, MT 59403
Gusto Fax   761-3474        
Gusto Nightline 761-5551 Anthony – Night –
Gusto Great Falls        
Rick Eckenstein   Sales/POS Manager
Jason Henry     Sales Manager
Bill Johnson     Wine Manager – GF
Ardelle Watkins   President
Jim Miller     On-premise sales
Len Watkins     General Manager
James Lewis     On-Prem. Manager
Bill Holdorf     Chain sales
Randy Becker     Sales
Brent Zorner     Operations Manager
Troy Siron     Chain Sales Supervisor
Bonni Lewis     NA/sales Manager
Tom Knutson     PropertyManager
 Jon Warlick     N/A Sales    
Jason Kercher     Wine Sales   jason
Scott Clinger     Sales – on-premise

Drivers n Merchandisers        
Tracy Hofland     Sales
Nick Moronick     Sales
Mathew Harwood     Driver      
Tom Hendricks     On-prem Sales
Matt Cloutier     Driver      
Adam Kenmir     Driver      
Christy Yates   Lead Merchandiser  
Dan Rutherford     Merchandiser    
 James Czifro     Merchandiser    
warehouse and office        
Bob Matoon     Warehouse Manager
Agnes     Controller
Vickie W   452-6600 Purchasing manager
Marty Harvie     Head Mechanic    
Jeremy Ivie   727-2618 Forecaster
Sherry   727-2618
Sue   727-2618
Marla   727-2618
Angie   727-2618 Office Manager
Tami   727-2618 Accounts Payable
Larry McWilliam     Mechanic    
Free Directory assistance 1-800-466-4411        
Derek Mashio     Driver      
Jason Naranjo     Fine Wine MGR
 Jesse Wright      North Driver  
Gusto of Havre            
Brian Smith     Sales Manager – Havre
Bobby Sheppard   Sales – Havre
Randy S.     Driver/ Sales      
Easton Harell     Delivery – Havre    
Eric Schweiger     Merchandiser/ Delivery  
Gusto of Helena          
Direct line   457-2675 2610 Blaine, Helena, MT 59601      
Fax   457-8353 P.O. Box 5870 59601      
Mike Dohlen     Operations Manager
Heath Smith   Merchandiser      
Damon Peters   Merchandiser  
Ken Mclean     Driver      
Nick lafountaine   On-Prem Sales
Terry “Moe” Morrison   Wine Sales Manager
Nick Bogy   Red Bull Sales
Treavor Smith     Sales
Greg Richardson   Helena Driver    
 Nathan Tubbs     Driver/Sales
Chris Morrison     Sales
Lynn Hellman     On-Prem Supervisor