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Territory Description: Gusto Distributing

In the State of Montana:

Blaine County

All of Blaine County

Cascade County

All of Cascade County

Choteau County

All of Choteau County

Fergus County

All of Fergus County

Glacier County

That portion described as follows: beginning east of a boundary line running due north and  south, located exactly 6 miles west of the intersection of Montana State Highways 89 and 2, running the entire length of Glacier County from the Glacier/Pondera County line to the Canadian border.

Hill County

All of Hill County

Judith Basin County

All of Judith Basin County

Lewis and Clark County

Liberty County

All  of Liberty County

Petroleum County

All of Petroleum County

Phillips County

In Phillips county, half of the county including the town of Malta

Pondera County

All of Pondera County

Teton County

All of Teton County

Toole County

All of Toole County

Broadwater County

All of Broadwater County except both sides of Hwy 287 to a point (5) five miles north of the        Junction of 90 and both sides of 90 to a point (3) three miles west of Junction 287.

Jefferson County

In Jefferson County, the town of Basin and everything north on Interstate 15.